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Attractive and easy-care windows

If you are thinking of updating your windows to stylish uPVC windows or adding double or triple-glazing to bring extra warmth and noise reduction to your home, look no further than Hizzard Windows.
Our extensive range includes replacement windows, double and triple glazing units in both modern and classic styles, including authentic Georgian bars, leaded lights, bevelled glass… and so the list goes on. We use both contemporary and traditional materials including popular uPVC.

All our uPVC windows, double and triple-glazing is manufactured and fitted to the British Standards Institute ISO 9001:2000 accreditation – the highest quality standards, keeping your home warm, secure and low maintenance. Thanks to modern design and materials, condensation is reduced significantly on replacement windows and for easy cleaning, your windows can be turn, tilt-turn or fully reversible.


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Why choose Hizzard Windows?

  • Full 10-year guarantee
  • Draught proof double and triple-glazing for cosiness and quiet
  • Better insulation with great fitting frames and special glass coatings
  • Enhanced security features – including multi-point locking and locking window handles
  • Designs and materials to suit all property styles
  • Bespoke windows – tailor-made to any size
  • Low maintenance – an attractive, easy-care option
  • A wide range of glass options
  • Easy to clean – choose turn, tilt-turn or fully reversible designs
  • Low condensation
  • Full ten-year insurance backed guarantee against fog and condensation on uPVC casement windows


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uPVC Windows – A popular choice

The overall appearance of your home is greatly enhanced by the quality of your windows. The term ‘uPVC Windows’ is something that is often thrown around by home improvement companies as these windows offer a stylish, practical and cost-efficient solution for many homeowners.

However, although uPVC windows are a popular choice for homeowners, many people don’t understand the full range of benefits uPVC offer. That’s why, here at Hizzard Windows, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about uPVC windows and how exactly they will benefit your home. 

To fully appreciate uPVC windows in all their glory, it is important we know where they came from and how they have changed the faces of our homes for the better. UPVC windows became hugely popular in the 1980s, during which time they were an affordable alternative to timber and metal – also lasting significantly longer than their traditional alternatives. However, as the attraction of low prices drew customers in, the quality started to decline and “cowboy builders” were on the rise, fitting uPVC windows poorly, causing discolouration and damage. As a result, many uPVC windows had very short lifespans. 

Today, however, many of these issues are no longer a problem. Modern building regulations ensure that uPVC windows are fitted correctly and to a high standard, ensuring beautiful windows that are durable. Thanks to the developments that have been made in technology and the high standards of building regulations, the life span of uPVC windows are now around 25 years. So, you can enjoy the benefits of your windows for longer than ever before.


uPVC Windows benefits

Installing new uPVC windows to your property will not only improve its overall appearance but will also be extremely practical. Not only are uPVC windows durable, versatile, and strong, but due to technological advances, both the colourfastness and expansion/contraction have been stabilised. This means that your uPVC windows are not only installed in brilliant white, but with the minimum amount of maintenance, they stay white for longer.

UPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride and it has been one of the market leaders in windows and doors for many years. Here at Hizzard Windows, we sell aesthetically pleasing and durable uPVC windows to our customers in a variety of styles. So, if you’re looking for uPVC windows, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want beautiful windows in Sheffield for your home but you’re worried about having to sacrifice aesthetics simply to purchase windows at an affordable price, there’s no need to worry anymore. Here at Hizzard Windows, affordability is a given when you purchase uPVC windows from us. After all, uPVC is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective materials and it can save you a lot of unnecessary expenditure, without sacrificing durability, aesthetics or security. What’s more, uPVC windows are usually more than half the price of alternative window materials – and, therefore, are suitable for the majority of budgets.

One of the main concerns for homeowners, when purchasing windows, is the thought of maintenance and how much is required. Homes today thrive on minimal maintenance, and this is a major benefit of installing uPVC windows. Unlike timber windows, which warp and peel over time, uPVC windows are hard-wearing, weather-proof, and durable, meaning minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is wipe over your uPVC windows with a cloth to keep them clean.


uPVC Windows great Features

When installing uPVC windows, the security of your property will not be compromised. All our uPVC windows are extremely robust and fitted with high-security locking mechanisms, to give you peace of mind that your home is well-protected against intruders.

Thanks to building regulations, and the constant improvements being made in technology, uPVC windows offer impressive thermal efficiency. All the uPVC windows we sell in the South Yorkshire area are energy-efficient, to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature all year round. Not only do our uPVC windows keep your home warm, but they also help to reduce your energy consumption. For energy-efficient windows, uPVC is the way to go.

Aesthetically one of the best benefits of uPVC windows is that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between uPVC and its traditional counterparts. Our uPVC windows can be supplied in a range of styles, to suit a variety of properties. We offer a variety of uPVC windows, depending on the type of property and the requirements of the customer. Below are the uPVC windows and styles we offer:


uPVC Windows types and models

These windows are manufactured in a variety of designs and styles and the frames can be slim or created for a heavier frame. Casement windows are attached to the frame by hinges, placed at the side of the frame. These can be purchased from us on a supply only basis, or if you prefer we can supply and install.


Sliding sash uPVC Windows

Victorian or Georgian properties can often be seen with sliding sash windows. These windows are opened by sliding the frame up and down. The UPVC sliding sash windows can replicate the traditional style but also create a more energy-efficient home that is easier to maintain. We supply and install this range of windows.


Tilt and Turn uPVC Windows

The main advantage of tilt and turn windows is that they can be tilted and cleaned from inside the property. This saves time and potential problems when it comes to cleaning the outside of the windows. These uPVC windows we provide in Sheffield and surroundings are supplied and installed.


Stylish and Durable uPVC Windows 

As you would expect from a specialist glazing company, our uPVC double glazed windows are available in a choice of stylish frames, with different finishes. Casement window frames suit most modern properties, whereas traditional sash window frames look great in period properties. Our uPVC windows come in the standard white finish, as well as in different colours and wood-like finishes depending on your taste. Find out more about our UPVC windows or select a “Quote Me” type on the right.

We provide a wide range of uPVC windows and styles to all our customers. If you know the style of window you are after, then request a supply quote and see how we can help you. Having pleased thousands of homeowners with our uPVC windows, our team wants to share our knowledge with you – and truly help you transform your home for the better, inside and out.

UPVC windows can only offer their true potential if they have been fitted by professionals, and that is our priority. Our entire range offers all the benefits listed above – and more. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to explore our site and give us a call today. Our friendly team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on the ideal uPVC windows to suit your requirements. Our windows are built to last and withstand the England weather, without losing their integrity, quality or appearance. They are easy to maintain and wipe clean.



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